Three Key Success Factors for Deriving Value from Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is making tremendous impact already in the world. Some of that impact is indirect and comes from the anticipation of things that may sound like science fiction now, which has led to massive investments in ideas and people. Much of the impact is direct and comes from applying existing AI capabilities to current processes to improve customer satisfaction, decision making, and productivity of people and supply chains. In both cases, there is still a lot of confusion about what AI is and what it takes to use.

Following are three major steps toward achieving impact with AI:

  1. To leverage AI successfully, you need to be able to measure the system or process you hope to improve or create with AI.
  2. Experts are critical to AI applications.
  3. To make the most of AI technology and institutionalize it in your domain requires understanding the core differentiation of an AI solution: knowledge capture and re-use, and more precisely, a computer representation of knowledge.


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